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VeriCor’s Burn Care MedKit (MK-BC)

Burn Care MedKit for VeriCor blog post

Stabilize, manage and treat burn victims effectively with a VeriCor Burn Care MedKit (MK-BC).

Includes essential components needed for debridement and dressing of minor and major burns.

Supplies are intuitively organized into clear, zippered pockets within a unique roll pack (Upright Medical Organizer) for compact storage, quick deployment and easy access. Supplies included:

  • PPE
  • Debridement Kits
  • Disposable Cautery
  • Silver Sulfadiazine
  • Sterile Dressings
  • Gauzes
  • Comes with an easy-to-assemble stand and storage case.
  • Includes a SmartBook™ for easy management and rotation of supplies.
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Designed around a single core capability, VeriCor MedKits are the most compact and economical surge response available.


Hospital Incident Command Center (MC-HICS)

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Establish command and control quickly and easily with a mobile Hospital Incident Command Center.

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