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Advancements make transporting temp sensitive items safe & easy!

Safely transport medical products

The VeriCor Cool Cube™ has redefined how medical professionals transport temperature sensitive products (vaccine, medicine, varicella, MMRV, Zoster, FFP, blood products, FFPE, platelets, biospecimens).

Gone are the days of ice packs, gel packs and inconsistent temperatures. Today, after extensive research and design, Cool Cubes™ offer a safe and easy way to transport all types (and sizes) of temperature sensitive product.

The three easy steps in using a Cool Cube™ are defined below. And if you want more detail as to why Cool Cubes™ are so effective, click the links.

Step 1: CONDITION PANELS (obtain the correct temperature)

  • How is that done?
    • Six “cooling” panels are used in place of the typical ice/gel pack. Prepare the panels for use by storing them at a specified temperature.
  • See user guide here –> User Guide

Step 2: PACK-OUT (prepare for transport)

  • Is there danger?
    • Phase Change Material (PCM) panels are engineered to be at approximately the same temperature as the product for an extended period of time.
  • Link to Wikipedia for the basics –> Phase-Change Material
  • How consistent is it?
    • Vacuum insulation is the best form of insulation, and the Cool Cubes™ have it!
  • Link to Wikipedia for the basics –> Vacuum Insulated Panel

Step 3: TRANSPORT (moving or storing the product)

  • How easy is it?
    • Carry handles, shoulder straps, carry clear pockets, and secure closures all make Cool Cubes™ easy to manage product with.
  • See the features on VeriCor’s various models here –> Cool Cubes™

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