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Use a VeriCor Triage & Treatment System (because every second counts)

VeriCor Triage & Treatment System
Plans are in place. Protocols are defined. Are the assets ready?

VeriCor’s Hospital Triage & Treatment System provides definitive care for 100 patients during an MCI or other surge event:

  • Sets up in minutes.
  • Color-coded equipment chests for rapid deployment and smooth patient flow.
  • Intuitive organization to facilitate efficient care.
  • A minimal footprint for easy storage.
  • A SmartBook™ to make sustainment (and audits) easy.
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Compact Medical Response Kits 

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Tailored to a single core capability, VeriCor MedKits give responders the essential medical supplies in an organized, mobile, Response-Friendly™ package. The hangable organizer has clear pockets that enable medical personnel to obtain critical supplies quickly and easily.


Alternate Care Site
(ACS) System

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When an incident creates a medical surge that exceeds the ability of the local healthcare network, an Alternate Care Site (ACS) will be established. A Response-Friendly™ ACS System is easily stored, maintained and deployed…anywhere. Start small and build incrementally!

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The catalog provides a brief overview of VeriCor systems, products and services. The catalog is available in print and digital form.


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