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Fast Cool Cube™ ShippingFast Cool Cube™ Shipping

Cool Cube™ FAQ

Question: Can I get it in time for fall flu clinics?

Answer: Yes. Most Cool Cube™ orders ship out next day at this time of year. However, as it gets closer to the fall flu clinic season, there always seems to be those larger orders (100-500 units) that disrupt normal lead times. So if you are looking to use Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers this fall, purchase them now to ensure a speedy delivery and a worry-free season of cold chain management.

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EP TrainingTrain and Exercise MCI Scenerios

Test/Exercise the Plan

Use expiring product and the nice summer weather to practice a patient surge scenario. Yes time and resources are scarce, but there will never be an ideal time. So let the VeriCor professionals help with what they know best. VeriCor training packages can alleviate the stress and time involved with leading a drill/exercise. From basic “how do I manage product?” sit-downs, to full-out MCI scenarios, VeriCor’s team will ensure that you and your staff are properly trained.

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Working Hard for You!Working Hard for You

New Solutions for Loyal Customers

VeriCor strives to make every interaction with you, and others like you, the best possible experience. Most recently…
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