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Cool Cube™ FAQThe Cool Cube™ Advantage

A Question from Your Colleagues

Question: How are these different than the ice/Igloo combination I use now?

Answer: This short 2-minute video (click here) explains it well. But if you don’t have two minutes, here it is in brief…
Ice and off-the-shelf coolers are for chilling beverages, not managing critical temperatures for life-saving products. Ice melts at 0°C/32°F, and very few temp-sensitive products want to be at 0°C/32°F. The difference? Cool Cube™ temperature regulating panels are engineered to maintain a safe temperature for specific products.
The insulation of the Cool Cube™ is the best on the market for keeping out ambient temperatures. The 1″ thick vacuum panels insulate better than 3.3″ of polyurethane — the insulation found in other “high-performance” coolers. This translates into less bulk and better protection for temp sensitive products.
The construction is creative but simple. If/when the ambient temperatures get past the insulation, the PCM (phase change material) panels take control. Both the insulation and PCM surround the product, eliminating warm/cold spots while enabling a quick, easy pack-out.

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Command & ControlMobile HICS Station

HICS: Anywhere & Anytime

In preparation for the next logistical, operational or command situation, organize needed supplies within a colorful Hospital Incident Command Station by VeriCor. In storage it takes up the space of a desk. In deployment it facilitates command and control. A built-in laptop stand, overhead light, inlay map/document grease board, and two Easyboards® are just a few of the features of this case. Pair it with the HICS Support Module (or your own kit) and be ready to respond anytime…anywhere.
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EP Supply TrailersDisaster Response Trailers for Mass Casualty Events

for Mass Casualty Responses

VeriCor’s medical supply trailers are designed with your mobile response scenarios in mind. The initial customer consult is when the primary mission and secondary capabilities are discussed. Then leave it up to us to provide you with a trailer that can be exercised and deployed in emergency situations for years to come. (*emergency preparedness supplies sold separately)

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