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The Evolution of Cold Chain Coolers | Need a new Digital Data Logger | Pan Flu Supply Stockpile

The Evolution of Cold Chain Coolers

Hello, medical professionals!

Methods used to transport temperature sensitive product are evolving quickly. Read Section “A” for the latest in cold chain management practices. Section “B” is for those needing a good DDL (digital data logger). The last section (“C”) highlights a system of supplies ready to deploy at the first signs of an influenza outbreak. As always, have a productive week!

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The Evolution of Cold Chain Coolers

A) The Evolution of Cold Chain Coolers

Are outdated methods being used?

If using water/ice to keep vaccine cold during transport, you are using square wheels! Here is a quick evolution of the vaccine cooler…

  • A long time ago, ice in styrofoam coolers kept vaccine cold — but a little too cold. When freezing problems got exposed (cold chain breaks), this method was ditched.
  • Then came the conditioning of ice bottles in hard-sided coolers. The problems? Temps still dropped below the minimum 2°C/35.6°F, warm & cold spots were found throughout the cooler, and a lengthy/complex SOP was required.
  • More recent solutions have been portable electrical units. But these are bulky &
  • heavy, corded, and required frequent maintenance.
  • Nowadays, phase-change material (PCM) is taking over. Although still a bit expensive, a 10-day hold time is possible if combined with good insulation (at least in the case of a Cool Cube™).

Cool Cube™ PCM coolers combines the safety of PCM technology (phase change material) with the protection of VIPs (vacuum insulation panels) to reliably transport temperature sensitive product. These coolers/transporters are made specifically to maintain the cold chain with ease and simplicity. Replace those square wheels (ice/water) with round wheels (PCM/VIPs)…you will be amazed!

See more about the Cool Cube™ in this short 2-minute video!

B) Need a new Digital Data Logger (DDL)?

Here is some assistance to help you choose…

PROOF. Plain and simple, proof is what they will need in a possible cold chain break. A lot of states are now requiring digital proof of temperatures to be kept 3 years or more. If you need a new DDL or are looking to upgrade, check out this interactive chart to figure out the best model for your needs.

DDL is the TMD that CDC Recommends-featured
Clickable TDM Guide
Nursing Stations on Wheels

C) Pan Flu Supply Stockpile

A Response-Friendly™ system of supplies.

A pandemic influenza outbreak typically strikes 3-4 times a century. Although considerable progress has been made in the last few years to prevent such outbreaks, health care communities still require preparedness supplies. VeriCor’s Pan-Flu Cache system is a methodized set of supplies ready to respond within a facility and/or at a non-traditional site. The Response-Friendly® approach assures that it has a compact storage footprint, is easily managed, is highly organized and rapidly deploys.

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