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Fun facts about Cool Cube™ PCM coolers | Point-of-Care Medical Workstations | Replacing Old Expired Supplies

Fun facts about Cool Cube PCM coolers

Hello, medical professionals!

Section “A” has some of the fun facts associated with Cool Cubes™ that you may want to check out. Section “B” is for those that deal with mobile initiatives and lug around supplies from one place to another. The last section “C” showcases a service we provide customers to keep their Response-Friendly® Systems up-to-date. As always, have a productive week!

To help you scan topics faster, here are the sections that may interest you…

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Fun facts about Cool Cube PCM coolers

A) Did you know?

Fun facts about Cool Cube™ PCM coolers.

  1. The CDC had a picture of the Cool Cube™ 03 on the front of its January 2018 Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit. Check out the upper-left picture here.
  2. The Cool Cube™ 96 @ Refrigerated Temps (the “big dog”) can hold 134 boxes of vaccine at a lab qualified 2-8°C for 126 hours in a summer profile (71-95°F temps). That’s over 5 days outside during the summer!!!
  3. The shell (case & insulation) of a Cool Cube™ 08 weighs 3 pounds more than an Igloo Playmate® Elite Ultra. So for a tad extra weight you get nearly 5X the performance!
  4. Using just one of the six included phase change technology panels, the Cool Cube™ 08 @ Refrigerated Temps can hold 2-8°C for 22 hours in a room temperature climate (generally normal working conditions).
  5. The Cool Cube™ 28 & 96 models have a dedicated pocket on the outside of the case, along with a cord port that enables the temperature probe to “pass thru” the case wall.
  6. Cool Cube™ PCM coolers are being utilized in 46 of the 50 states. Hey public health departments in Delaware, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Rhode Island…don’t be the last to get these industry-leading coolers! Customer testimonials are here.

If you haven’t already, watch this short video to see the safety and simplicity of all Cool Cube™ PCM coolers!

C) Point-of-Care Medical Workstations

For supply organization and movement.

Vaccination campaigns (or any mobile medical initiative) can involve more supplies than what providers want to drag around. These point-of-care workstations give mobility to the load and organization to the plan. Stainless steel partitioned drawers provide ample room for supplies, while convenient glove holders in the lid give accessibility to the necessities. Make it what you want with various sizes, colors and features to choose from.

Nursing Stations on Wheels
Replacing Old Expired Supplies

C) Replacing Old/Expired Supplies

Supply Management Made Easy

Keeping track of earmarked preparedness products can be daunting.

  • Where are things?
  • Is equipment recalled?
  • Are products compatible?
  • When do supplies expire?

If you have a Response-Friendly® System, those first three questions are taken care of. And for the fourth question? …use your SmartBook™ as an easy means to monitor upcoming expiration dates.

Now if you don’t have the time to watch the dates and order product as needed, we have a service just for you! Our proprietary replenishment system significantly cuts down your labor in keeping supplies up-to-date. Our replenishment packages range from label-and-ship to on-site service. Call (866) 469-6019 today to speak with a replenishment specialist.

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