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Inspecting a Vacuum Insulation Panel System | Highly-Organized – Care-Specific MedKits | A Pan-Flu Cache Ready to Respond

VIP Inspection News & Promotions A) Inspecting a Vacuum Insulation Panel System Make sure your insulation is still effective. The insulation of a Cool Cube™ is a key component of its 4+ day temperature hold time. So if ever you notice a decline in the performance, inspect the Temp-Shield™ Insulation System. A loose skin (click the picture Read More
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The Evolution of Cold Chain Coolers | Need a new Digital Data Logger | Pan Flu Supply Stockpile

The Evolution of Cold Chain Coolers Hello, medical professionals! Methods used to transport temperature sensitive product are evolving quickly. Read Section "A" for the latest in cold chain management practices. Section "B" is for those needing a good DDL (digital data logger). The last section ("C") highlights a system of supplies ready to deploy at the first signs of an influenza Read More
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The Cool Cube™ Story | The VACCINATOR Line | Pan-Flu Cache System


The Cool Cube™ StoryFrom a Concept to a Product LineLate 2009 we learned about the need our customer base had for a reliable cooler/pack-out system to transport vaccine with. By the spring of 2010 our first solution (called the “Vaccine Transporter”) was being used by a health department 100 miles north of VeriCor for off-site Read More

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Cool Cubes™ – Literally! | Knock-Off HICS Stations | Pan-Flu Cache System

Knock-Off HICS Stations

Cool Cubes™ – Literally!Self-Contained Carriers w/ CoolantThe common question: “How many gel packs do I need?” Answer: None. Cool Cubes™ already have built-in panels that keep product at a consistent temperature—for days! No other gel packs, ice bottles or electricity needed. They stay cool…they look cool…they have the shape of a cube…that’s why they’re called Read More