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Cool Cube™ Cold Chain Coolers | Care-Specific Medical Kits | Supplies for Off-Site Vaccinations

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Hello, medical professionals!

There’s been a lot of talk about the difference between Cool Cubes™ and other “cold chain coolers.” If cold chain management is part of your job, you will want to read the first section below. The next two sections also stay in the vaccination arena and deal with DDLs (digital data loggers) and vaccination workstations. As always, have a productive week!

To help you scan topics faster, here are the sections that may interest you…

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YouTube Cool Cube Play Image

A) Cool Cube™ Cold Chain Coolers

Lives are at stake!

With lives on the line, medical personnel are to protect the quality attributes of vaccine, blood and medicine for their patients. Controlling the storage and transport conditions play a key role in this protection. The problem is proper equipment is not being used to control conditions.

Basic coolers with ice or gel packs are good for soft drinks, but not for life-saving products. Ice at zero degrees is not within any of the regulated parameters that vaccine, blood, varicella, FFP or medicine needs to be stored or transported at. So using it can result in temperature excursions—too high as well as too low—that jeopardized the safety, efficacy and quality of the product—a patient’s lifeline.

That’s why VeriCor is empowering the medical community with Cool Cubes™.

Cool Cubes™ are built for medical personnel: to transport vaccine to a remote clinic; to carry units of blood to the scene of an accident; to hold naloxone at room temperature in a hot car; to maintain varicella in a frozen state during a blackout.

Cool Cubes™ are temperature assurance—without ice or electricity. The combined attributes of temperature-controlling technology (PCM panels), transfer-resistant barriers (vacuum insulation) and user-friendly cases make Cool Cubes™ innovative, but more importantly safe and effective.

All VeriCor Cool Cubes™ have been engineered and tested under extreme conditions to last for DAYS. And the best thing is—they are simple to use.

Lives are at stake. So get rid of the off-the-shelf coolers; forget the bottles of ice. Cool Cubes™ are a safe and easy container and pack-out system for medical professionals who want to protect the quality attributes of their product.

To learn more call 866-469-6019 or go to today!

See the short 2-minute video here!

B) Care-Specific Medical Kits

13 Prepackaged MedKits for Emergency Response Scenarios

More advanced than a first aid kit, VeriCor MedKits contain treatment-specific supplies that are organized within a portable, rolled-up, quick-to-deploy UMO (Upright Medical Organizer…an advanced “jump bag”). In the field, responders see contents within the pockets to facilitate faster treatment. Choose from a wide range of pre-built MedKits (Airway, Burn Care, Examination, IV Therapy, Med Admin, PPE, Surgical, Wound Care, etc.), or let us customize one tailored to your needs.

Nursing Stations on Wheels

C) Supplies for Off-Site Vaccinations

500-Person Kits to 5,000-Person Systems

Counting, ordering and organizing all of the supplies needed for upcoming vaccination campaigns is time consuming and complicated. Save time and streamline vaccinations with prepackaged kits by VeriCor. With three primary sizes (500, 2500, 5000-person), these easy-to-store, simple-to-move, “just add staff and vaccine” kits can be used for seasonal off-site clinics or stored for large-scale pandemics. Already have the supplies but like our setup? Get a workstation to fit your needs (various sizes and configurations available).

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