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Cool Cubes™ – Literally! | Knock-Off HICS Stations | Pan-Flu Cache System

Knock-Off HICS Stations

Cool Cubes™ – Literally!Cool Cubes™ - Literally!

Self-Contained Carriers w/ Coolant

The common question: “How many gel packs do I need?” Answer: None. Cool Cubes™ already have built-in panels that keep product at a consistent temperature—for days! No other gel packs, ice bottles or electricity needed. They stay cool…they look cool…they have the shape of a cube…that’s why they’re called Cool Cubes™ (okay, the middle size is a prism…but is still cool).

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Knock-Off HICS StationsKnock-Off HICS Stations

We Must be Doing Something Right

Five years ago we came out with our HICS/MICC (Hospital Incident Command System/Mobile Incident Command Center). Since then we have made a few tweaks here and there, but for the most part have been consistent with our rock-solid design. Yes, there are a few “knock-offs” out there, but our unique features and outstanding durability can’t be beat.

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Pan-Flu Cache SystemPan-Flu Cache System by VeriCor

We Hope it’s Never Needed Again

Experts say that pandemic influenza outbreaks typically strike 3-4 times a century. Although considerable progress has been made in the last few years, scientists continue to warn us about the risk of not being prepared. Mitigate the risk with a VeriCor Pan-Flu Cache. The storage footprint is small, with the capability being large.

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