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With lives on the line | Patient Surge Alternate Care Site | Mobile ER for a Patient Surge


With lives on the line…

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With lives on the line, medical personnel are to protect the quality attributes of vaccine, blood and medicine for their patients. Controlling the storage and transport temperatures play a key role in this protection. The problem is proper equipment is not being used to control temps.

Basic coolers with ice or gel packs are good for soft drinks, but not for life-saving products. Ice at 0°C is not within any of the regulated parameters that vaccine, blood, varicella, FFP or medicine needs to be stored or transported at. So using it can result in temperature excursions—too high as well as too low—that jeopardized the safety, efficacy and quality of the product—a patient’s lifeline.

That’s why we are empowering the medical community with Cool Cubes™.

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Patient Surge Alternate Care SiteRespond to a disaster with this

Respond to a disaster with this ®

Rapid location and movement of medical resources dictate local medical surge capacity and capabilities during times of crisis. A VeriCor Alternate Care Site System maximizes both the capacity and capabilities health care coalitions have planned for. The complete system of equipment and supplies not only enable efficient location and movement of resources (Response-Friendly®), but make management and upkeep a breeze with the exclusive SmartBook™. Check out VeriCor’s unique, 25-bed, 96-hour scalable Alternate Care Site System.

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FST System for CoalitionsFST System for Coalitions

The “golden hour” answer ®

FSTs (Forward Surgical Teams) are small, mobile surgical units in the United States Army. With some rethinking and hard work, VeriCor retooled the FST concept into a system for health care coalitions — the Response-Friendly® Mobile Emergency Room (ER). This system supports advanced levels of care typically needed within the “golden hour” of injury. Be ready when disaster strikes with this complete, efficient and simple patient surge system.

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