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Safe & Easy Cool Cubes™ | A Mess of Supplies Will Do Nothing | Drill/Exercise a VeriCor System

Cool Cubes The Ultimate Cooler w Pack-Out

Really??? Wow!Cool Cubes The Ultimate Cooler w Pack-Out

Safe & Easy Cool Cubes™

FAQ: Can Cool Cubes™ be opened?
Answer: Yes

This past summer a VT-100 was logged as being opened 56 times over 82 hours. No ice, no electricity, and the product inside stayed between 3° and 8°C the entire time. Its cooling panels were “conditioned” in a regular refrigerator (2°C for 12 hours) and then immediately used for product pack-out…which took less than 2 minutes. But it’s not only about how easy it was…it’s also about how safe it was! The cooling panels never dropped below 3°C and had an average temperature of 5.6°C. Those are safe numbers…much safer and easier than ice bottles would have been.

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Convert the “Cache”Convert a Cache into a System

A Mess of Supplies Will Do Nothing

Expired? Organized? Recalled? If something happened today, is a warehoused cache of equipment and supplies ready to deliver medical care? VeriCor’s Medical Cache Conversion process converts a mess of supplies into a ready-to-respond system that is organized and manageable. That mess of supplies can be turned into a Response-Friendly® System!

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MCI Response TrainingTrain and Exercise MCI Scenerios

Drill/Exercise a VeriCor System

When time and resources are scarce, let VeriCor professionals help with what they know best. VeriCor training packages can alleviate the stress and time involved with leading a drill/exercise. From basic “how do I manage product?” sit-downs, to full-out MCI scenarios, VeriCor’s team will ensure that you and your staff are properly trained.

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