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5 Resources for Success | Beds that are ready to respond | Replacing Expired Supplies

5 Resources for Success Hello, medical professionals! Fall flu clinics are just around the corner, so check out section "A" for 5 resources that others have found helpful. Section "B" is for EP professionals looking for storable, mobile beds with a minimal footprint. Section "C" is a solution to a common preparedness problem: replenishing old/expired product. As always, have Read More
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PCM Inserts | Portable Beds | Expired Supplies

PCM Inserts Temp Parameters Hello, medical professionals! Can you believe it's March!? The impending thawing season (we are in Western WI along the Mississippi River) brings to mind the unique "melting points" of Cool Cube™ PCM coolers...hence the first section. Not interested in the cold chain? The next two sections deal with beds for a surge response and how Read More
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Keep Vaccine and Blood 4C | Beds for a Medical Surge | Replacing Expired Supplies

Keep Vaccine and Blood 4C

Keep Vaccine/Blood @ 4°C Alternative to the DIY Mess Transporting vaccine/blood/medicine is a necessity that many times ends up being a DIY project. The shopping, testing, validating, training and other headaches associated with figuring out a cooler and pack-out system can be overwhelming, not to mention costly if things go wrong. That’s why we created Read More

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One Temp Controlled Cooler | A Requirement of Preparedness | A Requirement of Preparedness #2

One Temp Controlled Cooler

Two Simple QuestionsOne Temp Controlled CoolerWhat temperature range is needed?How much interior space is needed?Answering these two questions will direct you to a cooler and pack-out system that will surprise you and have someone saying “why didn’t we buy these last year?” Qualified/validated Cool Cubes™ are safe, easy to use, and hold valuable product at Read More