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With lives on the line | Patient Surge Alternate Care Site | Mobile ER for a Patient Surge


With lives on the line…Please watch for 1 min, 49 secs ® With lives on the line, medical personnel are to protect the quality attributes of vaccine, blood and medicine for their patients. Controlling the storage and transport temperatures play a key role in this protection. The problem is proper equipment is not being used Read More

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Temp Holding PCM Panels | ACS Preparedness | Mobile Vaccination Clinic

Temp Holding PCM Panels

Temp Holding PCM Panels*Very Different From Ice Bottles*When using conditioned water bottles as a coolant, bottles plateau at 0°C until completely thawed. When using conditioned PCM panels as a coolant, panels plateau at 4.5°C until completely thawed. Which coolant is safer to have next to valuable vaccine, blood, medicine or other refrigerated product…0°C or 4.5°C? Read More

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Mobile Application Pack-Outs | Response-Friendly® Mobile ER | A System Ready to Respond

Cool Cubes™ - Literally!

“Cool” Coolers – Literally!Mobile Application Pack-Outs“How many gel packs do I need?” Answer: None Cool Cubes™ have thin panels that are at the “sweet spot” of the desired temperature range (4°C, 20°C, or -20°C). These panels, combined with outstanding insulation, will keep product cool (or warm) for days! No other gel packs, ice bottles or Read More

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3 Ways to Have More Time in 2017

1. Look at areas of work that require the most time. Meetings, trainings, supply management, or system development (among other things) take a big chunk of time. Simply recognize the biggest time-suckers to start making them less time-consuming. 2. Identify what tasks can be batched (grouping similar tasks that require similar resources in order to streamline completion) and Read More

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Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Systems

Rapidly expand your area’s healthcare delivery system with a compactly stored, easy to deploy, Alternate Care Site (ACS) System and/or Mobile Emergency Room (ER). Response-Friendly™ ACS System Complete, 25-bed scalable system. Provides low acuity care within any building of opportunity. Meticulously organized for efficient care. Includes an inventory tracking SmartBook™ for easy management.   Response-Friendly™ Read More