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Temp Holding PCM Panels | ACS Preparedness | Mobile Vaccination Clinic

Temp Holding PCM Panels

Temp Holding PCM PanelsTemp Holding PCM Panels

*Very Different From Ice Bottles*

When using conditioned water bottles as a coolant, bottles plateau at 0°C until completely thawed. When using conditioned PCM panels as a coolant, panels plateau at 4.5°C until completely thawed. Which coolant is safer to have next to valuable vaccine, blood, medicine or other refrigerated product…0°C or 4.5°C? (The workhorses of a Cool Cube™ are patented PCM panels.)

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A Modern-Day M*A*S*HStorable MCI Response

A System Ready to Respond

The last Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) unit was deactivated 11 years ago and converted into a combat support hospital (one of our directors helped with that conversion/training). Not long after, VeriCor developed its first ACS system — a fast and efficient mobile medical system specifically for health care preparedness. This innovative concept was refined to be more complete, yet simpler than its MASH/CSH predecessors. Check out what is now known as a Response-Friendly® Alternate Care Site (ACS) System — the gold standard for patient surge preparedness.

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Mobile Vaccination ClinicMobile Vaccination Clinic

Make it Easier Next Time

Were fall flu clinics too hectic? VeriCor has mobile vaccination systems that are pre-packaged…all you need to add are staff and vaccine. These easy-to-store, simple-to-move kits can be used for seasonal off-site clinics or stored for large-scale pandemics. Already have supplies but like the setup? Get a workstation (various sizes and configurations available).

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