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Vaccination Clinic Step-By-Step Guide | Just Add Staff & Vaccine Kits | Pan Flu Supply Stockpile

Vaccination Clinic Step-By-Step Guide Hello, medical professionals! Talk about comprehensive! Section "A" below provides a link to a FREE checklist every clinic coordinator/supervisor overseeing vaccinations should have (it's not our own...but we wish it were). Section "B" continues the vaccination clinic conversation by talking about organizing all those supplies that will be needed this fall. Section "C" is for Read More
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Opening the Cooler During a Clinic | Off-Site Vaccinations | Mobile Command & Control

Cool Cubes The Ultimate Cooler w Pack-Out Hello, medical professionals! Keeping vaccine and other temperature sensitive safe while on-the-go is of paramount importance...hence the first section. Not interested in the cold chain? The next two sections deal with easy to move vaccination kits and a Response-Friendly® HICS station. As always, have a productive week! To help you scan topics faster, here are Read More
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Temp Holding PCM Panels | ACS Preparedness | Mobile Vaccination Clinic

Temp Holding PCM Panels

Temp Holding PCM Panels*Very Different From Ice Bottles*When using conditioned water bottles as a coolant, bottles plateau at 0°C until completely thawed. When using conditioned PCM panels as a coolant, panels plateau at 4.5°C until completely thawed. Which coolant is safer to have next to valuable vaccine, blood, medicine or other refrigerated product…0°C or 4.5°C? Read More