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Quick look at some of the most popular VeriCor products

Real quick… Take a look below. If something catches your eye, click to find out more. Supply Organization : Roll Packs by VeriCor Compact Case w-Table by VeriCor Rotomolded Cases by VeriCor

Workstations :

Compact Work Stations by VeriCor Workstations with Drawers and Fridge by VeriCor Mobile Workstations with detachable Table by VeriCor

Vaccination Kits :

500 Person Vaccination System by VeriCor 2500 Person Vaccination System by VeriCor 5000 Person Vaccination System by VeriCor

Infectious Disease Kits :

12 Ebola Kits by VeriCor 25 Ebola Kits by VeriCor 100 Ebola Patient Contacts by VeriCor

Specialty Modules :

O2 Manifold Kit by VeriCor O2 Cascade Kit by VeriCor Pediatric Response by VeriCor

Specialty Cases :

Mobile Hospital Incident Command Center by VeriCor Small Mobile Response Trailers by VeriCor Large Mobile Response Trailers by VeriCor

Equipment Cases :

Small Protective Cases by VeriCor Medium Sized Protective Cases by VeriCor Large Sized Protective Cases by VeriCor

Bulk Storage :

Small and Mobile Cases by VeriCor Large Capacity Cases by VeriCor Large Fabricated Cases by VeriCor

Beds & Racks :

Mobile Beds - Racks by VeriCor Functional Needs and Active Patients by VeriCor Bariatric and Emergency Room by VeriCor

More Products

Portable Coolers w/ Integrated PCM

cool cubes container and pack-out systemCool Cubes™ protect product, save time and save money. Check out these qualified container and pack-out systems for vaccine and other temperature sensitive product…

Temperature Monitoring (Loggers & Monitors)

VeriCor Data LoggersDue to CDC recommendations, data loggers are becoming more important in cold chain management “proof”. Use these glycol data loggers for proof…

catalog image VeriCor The catalog provides a brief overview of VeriCor systems, products and services. The catalog is available in print and digital form. VeriCor-Products-Available-at-Amazon-button Find our products on team VeriCor with V VeriCor’s Team is ready to assist you on questions, suggestions, needs and quotes. (866) 469-6019 (toll-free)