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CDC Guidelines | Monitor and record accurate temperatures | Storable beds for surge preparedness | Workstations for Point of Dispensing Locations

20200128 cc In this Bi-Weekly Issue 2020 Storage & Handling Toolkit Digital Data Loggers (✔CDC) Beds for Disaster Preparedness Point of Dispensing Workstations As always, lots of information can be found on our website.Have a productive week Learn | Practice | Improve A) What Changed? We read it—so you don't have to. Earlier this month the CDC Read More
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VeriCor looking back and looking ahead

VeriCor looking back and looking ahead Looking back...looking ahead! (It's that time of year.) Looking back at VeriCor's innovations: ACS/ER Systems - 13 years ago Workstations - 11 years ago Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers - 10 years ago Cache Conversion Service - 9 years ago UMOs, MedKits & HICS Case - 8 years ago Hospital Triage & Treatment Systems - 6 Read More
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DDL is the TMD that CDC Recommends | The Hot and Cool Barrier | Nursing Stations on Wheels

DDL is the TMD that CDC Recommends-featured Hello, medical professionals! There's been a lot of talk about the difference between Cool Cubes™ and other "cold chain coolers." If cold chain management is part of your job, you will want to read the first section below. The next two sections also stay in the vaccination arena and deal with DDLs (digital data loggers) Read More
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Supply Replenishment | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Clinic Workstations

A Requirement of Preparedness

Supply ReplenishmentReplace Expired Product EasilySupply replenishment and supply management (inventory control) of earmarked preparedness product can be daunting. Is equipment recalled? Are supplies expired? If you have a Response-Friendly® System, use the SmartBook™ inventory file and sort by “Expiration Date” to make sure that your product is up-to-date. Don’t have time? We understand. That’s why Read More

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Workstations on Wheels | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Suppress a Flu Pandemic


Workstations on WheelsVaccinations to EP ResponseVaccination campaigns (or any mobile medical initiative) can involve more supplies than what providers want to drag around. VeriCor workstations give mobility to the load (bulky/heavy supplies) and organization to the plan. From stainless steel partitioned drawers for organization, to glove holders in the lid for accessibility, these workstations are Read More