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Are Preparedness Challenges Overwhelming?

Are Preparedness Challenges Overwhelming
Public health emergencies can happen at any time, anywhere. Occurrences in recent years have underscored the importance of local, state, and federal public health systems to prepare for potential health threats.
  • Natural disasters
  • Epidemics
  • Terrorist attacks
As former military and medical personnel, we understand the challenges of planning and preparing for major emergencies and disasters involving human casualties. It’s not easy.
  • The rapid expansion of an existing healthcare system demands planning.
  • To deliver triage and subsequent medical care involves mobile supplies.
  • To provide definitive care to individuals at the appropriate clinical level of care within sufficient time requires organization.
We can help!
Our years of experience in providing medical surge systems to regional, state and local organizations give us the expertise in a preparedness field where few seem to venture. All of that experience is available to you with a simple phone call.

Focus on the reason you are in health care. Spend time on fun projects. Let your talents generate new ideas. VeriCor can make sure that Response-Friendly™ preparedness systems, products and services are in place.

Use any remaining BP5 funds to help get your medical surge house in order. (BP5 is the last year of this project period, all funds – 2017 and 2016 carryover – must be obligated by June 30, 2017. There will be no carryover into the new 2017-22 Cooperative Agreement.)

Click here to explore surge offerings right for you! (or call the number below and talk with us…we are friendly)
Systems: Triage & Treatment, Alternate Care Sites, Mobile ER
Mobile Cases: HICS, Workstations, Beds/Racks, Trailers
Pandemic: Pan-Flu Cache, Vaccination Systems, Vaccine Transporters
Services: Training, Cache Conversion, Replenishment


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