Oxygen Manifold Kit -- SS-OMK
Oxygen Manifold Kit -- SS-OMK
Oxygen-Manifold-Kit -- Closed-Case
Oxygen Manifold Kit -- Open
Oxygen Manifold Kit -- SmartBook™
Oxygen Manifold Kit -- with-Connected-Hose
Oxygen Manifold Kit -- manifold-low
Oxygen Manifold Kit -- Manifold

Oxygen Manifold Kit

For Distributing Oxygen to In-Field Patients

A manifold system for delivering oxygen whenever and wherever is needed. Module has a compact footprint and can rapidly be deployed.


Oxygen Cascade Kit

A cascade system for delivering bed-side oxygen to patients in-the-field. Module has a compact footprint and can rapidly be deployed.

The Oxygen Manifold Kit (SS-OMK) is a kit for delivering oxygen to patients whenever and wherever it is needed. This kit has a compact footprint and can rapidly be deployed. All components are contained within a wheeled, labeled, protective case for safe storage and easy movement. The manifold can attach to an L-track for rapid set-up and safe oxygen distribution within a mobile unit. Oxygen tanks not included. A SmartBook™ containing photos and critical data is included.

Technology & Features

tech1 SS-OMK magnifying
tech2 SS-OMK

8-patient manifold attaches to the L-track within a DUV.

Components packaged within a mobile Medical Equipment Response Case.

SmartBook™ system guide aides in deployment and training.

Dimensions & Specs

Closed: 25” x 20” x 12”

Weight: 41 lbs.

SS-OMK dims


General FAQ

Yes, the major ones.
Order thru GSA or Amazon websites, or directly from this website. For larger orders or for a formal quote please contact us (866-469-6019).
Name on card, card #, expiration date, security code, billing address.
Direct from the website, and or on the GSA website. For larger orders or for a formal quote, please call (866) 469-6019.

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This product is made to order. This is a custom made product. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. For more details, please call us (866) 469-6019.

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