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Preparing for the Coronavirus Vaccine | Cool Cube™ Versatility | PPE Kits

Preparing for the Coronavirus Vaccine

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Preparing for the Coronavirus Vaccine

A) Preparing for the Coronavirus Vaccine

Make sure you have good transport and storage coolers.

As a vaccine for the coronavirus comes to fruition, more and more entities are preparing for the transport to, and storage at, PODs (points of dispensing). If you are not 100% confident in your coolers, and the staff’s ability to work with them, look into purchasing some Cool Cubes™ now! VeriCor is ramping up production in anticipation of the vaccine, but order now before the rush.

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Cool Cube Versatility

A) Cool Cube™ Versatility

Change panels—change temperature.

Whether you have Cool Cubes™ at your disposal, or are looking to purchase your first unit(s) this fall, be sure to investigate how easy the coolers can transition from one temperature to another. With just a swap of the panels, the cooler can go from holding fresh vaccine at a cool 5°C fridge temperature to transporting frozen varicella at -21°C. All that is needed is an extra set of panels which you can purchase à la carte. It’s easy. It’s quick.

If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

From storage to an on-site HICS station in an instant

B) A Compact Hospital Incident Command System

A mobile station for command & control.

Establish command and control with a mobile HICS (Hospital Incident Command System) case. During storage it is out of the way and takes up the space of a desk. But during deployment it transforms into a serious multi-tool with a power management system, table, organizational chart, overhead light, laptop stand, inlay map/document grease board, and numerous drawers and shelves that enable supply organization. Pair it with the HICS Support Module (or your own kit) and be ready to respond anytime, anywhere.

Infectious Disease Preparedness

C) PPE Kits for Infection Control & Prevention

PPE to help prevent the spread.

As we now are finding out, infectious diseases present unique challenges. VeriCor personal protective equipment (PPE) kits control the spread of a disease by protecting staff and patients with the correct gear. Smaller, prepackaged modules ( 12 and 25 single-use) are organized, size-labeled kits within a mobile storage case for quick deployment. The 100-contact module organizes all PPE into four mobile cases, and includes an inventory management SmartBook™ for easy rotation and handling. Next time, be ready with a VeriCor PPE Kit. ***CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. Call to be placed on a wait list.***

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