Infection Control and Prevention PPE 100

For Protecting Staff from Infectious Diseases

A prepackaged module of personal protective equipment (PPE) for 100 exposures. Equipment comes organized for mobile, efficient response scenarios and is worn to minimize exposure to a variety of hazards. Items come in four sizes.

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The Infection Control and Prevention PPE 100 Specialized Response Module provides ready to use PPE gear for healthcare and support staff who will be in contact with a suspected, or confirmed, infectious disease patient. This Response-Friendly module contains PPE gear that is intuitively organized and packaged to be Response-Friendly. It includes 1 Medical Organizer (w/ table), 3 Wheeled Medical Cases, extended cuff nitrile gloves, impervious coveralls, aprons, N95 masks, face shields, hoods (head and neck covers), boot covers, bouffant caps, cleaning gloves, scrubs, and more. CDC compliant for Ebola as of 3/1/2020.

Technology & Features

tech1 SS-EVD100 magnifying
tech2 SS-EVD100

Includes a Medical Organizer w/ 4 Drawers & Table (MC-MO) and 3 Wheeled Medical Cases (MC-1).

Drawers and supplies are clearly labeled (sizes come in small thru extra large).

SmartBook™ system guide aides in deployment and training.

Dimensions & Specs

Palletized: 48” x 40” x 60”
Weight: 320 lbs.

Ebola PPE (100 Kits) Dimensions - SS-EVD100


General FAQ

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