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Modern Day Vaccine Transport


Modern Day Vaccine Transport

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Now more than ever the transport of vaccine will be scrutinized. From simply moving a small amount of vaccine for an off-site immunization clinic, to mass relocation of vaccine in accordance to emergency management protocols—the details will be examined.

Most Vaccines for Children (VFC) program providers are aware that a good phase change material (PCM) is a much safer solution than standard ice packs. They’ve been on the hook for a number of years ensuring that publicly funded vaccine stays safe and within temperature parameters all the time. But now more than ever, the nursing community is picking up on the idea as well. The standard cooler with ice packs is time consuming to pack-out (not to mention “qualifying” the pack-out), requires very close attention by staff, and just doesn’t last as long as needed. Specific vaccine coolers are so much easier, fail-safe, and outperform the do-it-yourself solutions that have plagued providers for so many years.

Of course, follow your organizations current guidelines on how to safely transport vaccine. But if it’s a standard cooler with ice packs that is still being used, you may want to work hard to change the guidelines before something happens (accidental freeze/excursion). Or maybe it’s a cumbersome electrical unit that is temperamental and inconsistent. The thing is, there are purpose-built vaccine coolers that protect refrigerated vaccine from freezing while maintaining the required temperatures for 3+ days. They are called Cool Cube™ PCM coolers.

  • Incorporates phase change materials (now recommended by the CDC)
        • Freeze-safe: vaccine can even be place against the PCM
        • Stable: the formulated “melting point” maintains the cooler at the specific, correct temperature
        • Consistent: the beveled edge chambers system surrounds the vaccine to eliminate cold/warm spots
  • Utilizes vacuum insulated panel (VIP) technology
        • What’s a better insulator? NOTHING!
        • Since a VIP is on all six sides of the cooler, it can hold a consistent temperature a really long time
        • At only 1” thick, it performs as if it were four inches worth of other forms of insulation
  • Are qualified as a container and pack-out solution for vaccine and other temperature-sensitive product
        • All models have been lab-tested
        • Varying slightly based on type (refrigerator, lab freezer, or room temp), the Cool Cube™ 03 lasts three days, the Cool Cube™ 08 holds 3.5 days, the Cool Cube™ 28 for four days, and the Cool Cube™ 96 an incredible five days of temperature control in the summer heat.

Staff charged with maintaining the safety of vaccine are very busy and have a lot to do. Ensure the safety of the vaccine while simplifying the process—consider a Cool Cube™.

If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM coolers. And if you’re not already, subscribe to our biweekly emails down below under “Sign Me Up” (sent every other week).