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Modern Day Vaccine Transport | Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers | Replenishment Made Easy

Modern Day Vaccine Transport

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In this biweekly issue:

💉 Modern Day Vaccine Transport
🆒 Use These This Fall
🏥 Re-Stock the Supplies
📦 Convert Boxes into a System

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Modern Day Vaccine Transport

A) Modern Day Vaccine Transport

Move away from standard coolers and ice packs.

Now more than ever the transport of vaccine will be scrutinized. From simply moving a small amount of vaccine for an off-site immunization clinic, to mass relocation of vaccine in accordance to emergency management protocols—the details will be examined.

Most Vaccines for Children (VFC) program providers are aware that… READ MORE

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Ensure your Cool Cube™ has a long life

A) Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers

Be sure to use them this fall!

            • Safe
            • Easy
            • Reliable

If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

Easy Medical System Replenishment

B) Replenishment Made Easy

When it’s time to re-stock…

Hands may have been dipping into that preparedness system for responding to COVID-19. The good news is, if it’s a VeriCor Response-Friendly® System it’s built on a sustainable platform. Let us know the supplies that need to be re-stocked, and we can send you packaged supplies (with location tags) along with a new SmartBook™. If the labor and time would still be too much, we can do a full-service, on-site replenishment. Maybe it hasn’t been touched in a while? Let us do an audit on the system and see what’s expired and give you some options. Call (608) 526-6901 today to speak with a replenishment specialist.

Have a Mess of Supplies

C) Convert boxes into an organized system!

Have us do all the work.

Sometimes emergency preparedness supplies are forgotten. Expired, unorganized, damaged, recalled…any number of things can hinder a response. The Medical Cache Conversion process converts a mess of supplies into a ready-to-respond system that is organized & manageable. Make sure that when an mass causality incident (MCI) happens, your supplies are ready. Call (608) 526-6901 today to speak with a cache conversion specialist.

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