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Ensuring Prolonged Utilization | Empowering Users | Restock and Replenishment with VeriCor

Ensure your Cool Cube™ has a long life

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In this biweekly issue:

✔ Ensure Prolonged Utilization
🆒 Empowering Users
🦺 Restock & Replenish
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Ensure your Cool Cube™ has a long life

A) Ensuring Prolonged Utilization

Insights into Inspecting & Validating Your Cool Cube™

As the Cool Cube™ ages, we receive more inquiries about aging units. As expected, many Cool Cubes™ have endured over time and function admirably. By exercising proper maintenance and adhering to some valuable suggestions, maximizing your Cool Cube™ PCM cooler is possible. Read more about the longevity of the Cool Cube™ and gain insights into inspecting and validating the cooler for prolonged utilization here.

Want more? Go to WHO’s website to see more advice for COVID-19 including when and how to use masks, Q&A videos, parenting advice and more. (Click here for the World Health Organization Website)

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A) Empowering Users

Expert Support & Resources for Cool Cube™ Coolers

When a new product arrives, the hope is that it’s easy and intuitive (like Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers). However, sometimes just a bit of support—whether for training, questions, or troubleshooting—is desired. That’s why the VeriCor website is jam-packed with information on our products. Find help in our overviews, how-to videos, spec sheets, and user guides when needed. If you don’t find what you need, we are just a call away: 608-526-6901.

If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

Easy Medical System Replenishment

B) Restock and Replenishment with VeriCor

Smart Solutions for Pandemic-Strained Systems!

Many preparedness systems have experienced depletion as a result of the pandemic. However, if you are utilizing a VeriCor Response-Friendly™ System, you can take solace in its sustainable foundation. Should there be a need for restocking, we are pleased to offer pre-packaged supplies complete with location tags and a new SmartBook™. Alternatively, our team of experts can provide comprehensive on-site replenishment services, saving you valuable time and labor. Irrespective of the circumstances, we are prepared to conduct a thorough audit of your system to identify expired items and present you with suitable alternatives. To explore further details, kindly click the provided image/button or contact our knowledgeable VeriCor staff member at 608-526-6901.

Convert Disorganized into Organized

C) The VeriCor Solution

Don’t Let Disorganized Supplies Hinder the Response

Occasionally, people only notice and address the importance of emergency preparedness supplies when critical situations arise. The presence of expired, disorganized, damaged, or recalled assets can significantly impede an adequate response. This is where our assistance becomes invaluable. We designed our Medical Cache Conversion process to transform chaotic supplies into a well-organized and easily manageable system ready for immediate response. In a mass casualty incident (MCI), our Response-Friendly™ system enables you to swiftly and efficiently address the situation. We are readily available to assist you today. For further information, please click the provided picture/button or contact our experienced VeriCor staff at 608-526-6901.

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