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Grant Deadline | Cold Chain Management | Vaccination Kits

grant deadline

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grant deadline

A) Grant $ Deadline?

Maximize Grant Dollars w/ Cutting-Edge Products

As the June 30th deadline approaches, making the most of every grant dollar available is essential. VeriCor’s innovative vaccination, storage, and organizational products can maximize the impact of public funding. With cutting-edge products, efficiently store and organize vaccines and supplies, ensuring preparedness for any type of emergency. Contact us today to learn more about how VeriCor products can help maximize those last few grant dollars. (See below for category-specific products.)

Want more? Go to WHO’s website to see more advice for COVID-19 including when and how to use masks, Q&A videos, parenting advice and more. (Click here for the World Health Organization Website)

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Cold Chain Management

A) Cold Chain Management: Coolers & Loggers

Safe, Easy & Reliable

Safe and efficient transportation of temperature-sensitive cargo is vital in the medical field. As more drugs require controlled environments, effective cold chain management is crucial. Proper transport (PCM transport coolers) and monitoring (digital temperature loggers) are essential to maintain product integrity and prevent wastage.

Vaccination System for Mobile Clinics

B) Vaccination Kits: Vaccinator 500, 2500 & 5000

Just add staff and vaccine!

VeriCor’s portable vaccination systems are game-changers in healthcare, especially in remote and underserved areas. Available in three sizes (500, 2500, and 5000-person), these easy-to-store and easy-to-move kits ensure vaccine access in challenging environments. From smaller kits for general clinics to larger systems for mass vaccinations, VeriCor has solutions for every immunization campaign. Set up new clinics or streamline existing ones with VeriCor’s Go-Bag or workstation. Join the portable vaccination revolution!

Casing for Preparedness Supplies

C) Storage/Organization: Bulk, Partitioned, Mobile

All Response-Friendly™

Mobilization and organization are crucial for effective emergency response and disaster management. VeriCor offers a range of preparedness assets to meet your organization’s needs, from the compact Upright Medical Organizer (MC-UMO) to the Medical Equipment Organizer (MC-MEO). Invest in VeriCor products for complete preparedness.

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