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A Qualified Container AND Packout | A System for Triage AND Treatment | System Training Packages

What is a Qualified Container and Packout

Section “A” is about THE qualified container and packout system for your temperature sensitive product. Section “B” highlights the ever-popular triage and treatment system that EM professionals love. Lastly, Section “C” talks a bit about the training packages available for Response-Friendly® Systems. As always, have a productive week!

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What is a Qualified Container and Packout

A) A Qualified Container AND Packout

It’s something the CDC defines…

The term “qualified container and packout” is mentioned in the toolkit ten times! So in their glossary on page 28 of the Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit, the CDC defined it: “A type of container and supplies specifically designed for use when packing vaccines for transport. They are ‘qualified’ through laboratory testing under controlled conditions to ensure they achieve and maintain desired temperatures for a set amount of time.”

Now if you are asking yourself “what is that exactly?”, check out VeriCor’s line of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers. You will get a good idea of why the CDC is pushing this advanced technology. Simply put: NO ice, NO electricity, 4+ days of consistent temperature!

New to this email? Watch this 113-second video explaining the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

B) A System for Triage AND Treatment

Supplies that can move with responders!

Mass casualty incidences (MCIs) can overwhelm and disrupt a healthcare system…therefore the need for surge preparedness. If it’s hard to imagine what a complete, well-thought-out system looks like, watch last year’s video of Greater LA VA exercising their Triage & Treatment System. Then either click below or give us a call @ 866-469-6019 to learn more.

Manage Casualties On-Site
Response-Friendly® System Training

C) System Training Packages

Exercise staff, supplies, and the plan before something happens!

You already know that having a Response-Friendly® System is very intuitive and well put-together. However, if time and resources are scare and training needs to be had, give us a call. Our staff can give your team a quick rundown on how to maximize the system, alleviating the typical stress and planning time involved with such exercises. From basic how-to management to full-out MCI scenarios, pick the package that ensures you and your staff are ready to respond.

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