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Easy-Fast-Safe | Kits for Fall Vaccination Campaigns | ACS Preparedness


Vaccination season is just around the corner for some of you. A few years ago we published a “Flu Clinic Planning Tips” whitepaper that was wildly popular. Feel free to download that here if you want a last-minute checklist.

And as always, lots of information can be found on the website.
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A) Answer: Easy – Fast – Safe

Question: What 3 words sum up the Cool Cube™?

The Cool Cube™ is the easiest, fastest and safest cooler on the market to prep. Easiest because patented PCM panels simplify pack-out. Fastest because there isn’t any buffering material or layering to mess around with. Safest because there’s not any ice to drop the temperature too low.

New to this email? Watch this 113-second video explaining the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

Kits for Fall Vaccination Campaigns

B) Kits for Fall Vaccination Campaigns

Systems to quickly get off-site clinics up and running.

Save time and streamline fall vaccination campaigns with prepackaged kits from VeriCor. The easy-to-store, simple-to-move, “just add staff & vaccine” kits come in three sizes (500, 2500, 5000-person). The smaller kits are ideal for seasonal clinics, while the larger versions can be stored for pandemic preparedness. Already have the supplies but like the setup? Buy a Go-Bag or workstation to make your own kit.

ACS Preparedness

C) ACS Preparedness (it’s ready for deployment)

Deploy in any building of opportunity.

To expand treatment outside the walls, you will need the right supplies and equipment on hand. VeriCor Alternate Care Site Systems already have that covered. You pick the type of treatment required, and we build a system that is ready for deployment. The Response-Friendly® philosophy ensures your patients will get the care when they need it most. Learn more by clicking the picture or button, or call 866-469-6019 and talk to an experienced staff member today.

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