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Basic Physics | A Wheeled Workstation | A Pan Flu Supply Stockpile

Basic Physics

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Basic Physics

A) Basic Physics = Reliable & Simple

and safe too!

Utilizing some basic physics, the Cool Cube™ is a reliable and simple product. Here’s how…

  • The quality Temp-Shield™ Insulation System delivers long-lasting, non-electric, temperature-holding power. (Physics: the vacuum insulated panels significantly reduce heat transfer compared to every other type of insulation.)
  • A finely tuned temperature system consists of six patented panels containing phase change material (PCM), which are interchangeable and easy to use. (Physics: PCM is engineered to melt WITHIN the temperature parameter, making it a safe, non-electric alternative for temperature sensitive product.)

New to this email? Watch this 113-second video explaining the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

A Wheeled Workstation

B) A Wheeled Workstation

Work smarter, not harder.

Vaccination campaigns (or any mobile medical initiative) can involve a lot of necessities. VeriCor point-of-care workstations provide a wheeled alternative to lugging around a bunch of bulky supplies. Next time, just wheel-it-over, open-it-up, and start providing care. Various sizes, colors and features to choose from!

A Pan Flu Supply Stockpile

C) A Pan Flu Supply Stockpile

You can be ready!

If you want to be ready for a pandemic influenza outbreak, consider a VeriCor Pan-Flu Cache. This system is an organized set of supplies ready to respond. The Response-Friendly® methodology assures that despite its small storage footprint, it is easily managed, highly organized and rapidly deployable into any building of opportunity.

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