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Convenient Shot Locations | The Game-Changer of Transport | Efficient Burn Care

Convenient Shot Locations

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In this biweekly issue:

💉 Convenient Shot Locations
🆒 The Game-Changer of Transport
🔥 Efficient Burn Care
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Convenient Shot Locations

A) for Convenient Shot Locations

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While major news surrounding COVID-19 may have subsided, the pandemic is still ongoing. Continue to urge flu and COVID-19 vaccination and booster shots to protect individuals and families, particularly since the winter months tend to raise the number of cases. has a user-friendly site where you can find locations by zip code:

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The Game-Changer of Transport

A) Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers

The Game-Changer of Transport

Ditch the ice, ditch the power! Cool Cube™ reigns as the ultimate PCM cooler. Four sizes (3L to 96L) handle any temperature-sensitive payload, from vaccines to units of blood. Keep it fridge-cool, freezer-frozen, or room-steady – all without electricity. Transport, back-up, off-grid missions – Cool Cube™ conquers them all. Eco-friendly, reliable, and portable. The future of temperature control is here – Cool Cube™ PCM carriers.

If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

ASPR's Burn Care

B) Equipping Emergency Responders…

…for Efficient Burn Care!

Streamline your burn patient response with the VeriCor Burn Care MedKit. Packaged in the advanced Upright Medical Organizer, this kit offers rapid deployment, organized storage, and a SmartBook™ for optimal supply management. Trusted by EP coordinators and responders, it’s your complete solution for multi-patient burn care. Learn more or order yours today! Click the image or button, or call 608-526-6901.

A Wheeled Workstation

C) Streamline Your Vaccination Drives

VeriCor Workstations to the Rescue!

Are you struggling with bulky supplies for mobile clinics? VeriCor workstations bring organization and mobility to your vaccination campaigns. Imagine: stainless steel drawers for seamless access, efficient glove holders, and a design built for smooth workflow. Effortless setup, effortless execution. Click the link or call 608-526-6901 today and discover how VeriCor can revolutionize your outreach!

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