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Cool Cube™ FAQsCool Cube™ FAQs

Cooler Q&A

Question: Are the temperature regulators included with a Cool Cube™?

Answer: Yes. This is what sets apart Cool Cube™ PCM coolers from other so-called “cold chain coolers.” Other cold chain coolers are just that…a cooler. They have insulation and a compartment, and then you add the ice and product. But be careful! Too much ice will make it too cold, while too little ice won’t last long enough.

Now look at the Cool Cube™. The integrated “temperature regulators” (the phase change technology panels) are a part of the walls that surround the product. The panels are neither too warm nor too cold since they stabilize at fridge, frozen or room temps depending on the system you choose. This allows the Cool Cube™ to keep temperature sensitive product at just the right temperature.

No ice. No electricity. Just put in your product and go.

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