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What is a Qualified Pack-Out | Setting the Standard for Qualified Pack-Out | Emergency Preparedness

What is a Qualified Pack-Out

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What is a Qualified Pack-Out

A) What is a “Qualified Pack-Out?”

Defined by the CDC as…

A type of container and supplies specifically designed for use when packing vaccines for transport. They are passive containers that do not require a power source and are “qualified” through laboratory testing under controlled conditions to ensure they achieve and maintain desired temperatures for a set amount of time.

(Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit – January 2023, p. 30)

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Setting the Standard for Qualified Pack-Out

A) Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers

Setting the Standard for Qualified Pack-Out

Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers—qualified pack-out transporters that are:

  • Ultra-Safe (utilizing temperature-specific PCM)
  • Easy to use (quick pack-out)
  • Long lasting (3+ days without ice or electricity)
  • Durable (quality components)

If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

VeriCor MedKits Redefine Emergency Preparedness

B) Your Confidence is Our Priority

VeriCor MedKits Redefine Emergency Preparedness

VeriCor MedKits enhance the efficiency of emergency responders. Each MedKit is meticulously curated to encompass all essential medical supplies of a specific care function, thoughtfully organized within a portable Upright Medical Organizer (UMO) for swift accessibility. The UMO’s ergonomic design facilitates quick identification of contents when hung, expediting patient care.

The comprehensive range of pre-built MedKits includes specialized solutions such as Airway Management, Burn Care, Examination, IV Therapy, Med Admin, Staff PPE, Surgical, Wound Care, and more. This diverse selection allows responders to choose kits tailored to their specific needs. Additionally, we offer the option to request a customized solution for those with unique requirements.

For further details, please click the provided image/button or contact our experienced staff members today at 608-526-6901. We are committed to providing reliable and effective solutions for emergency responders so that they can handle any situation confidently and precisely.

Response-Friendly® System Training

C) Beyond Systems

Ensuring Healthcare Success with Customized Training

At VeriCor, our expertise lies in developing user-friendly systems tailored for healthcare clients, ensuring ease of use and long-term sustainability. We recognize healthcare providers’ challenges in setting up and training on these systems, especially when constrained by time and resources. Our dedicated team is here to bridge that gap. We offer top-notch training services, empowering your staff to harness the full potential of our Response-Friendly™ system without feeling overwhelmed. Whether you need assistance with essential system management or handling worst-case scenarios, our services are customized to meet your needs. To learn more, click the provided link or call us at 608-526-6901 to connect with one of our experienced staff members.

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