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🎖 25 Years of Domestic Preparedness
✅ NHCPC – Booth 322
🦺 Swift Response, Anywhere
⏳ Time Crunch? (replacing items)

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A Journal for the Preparedness Professional

A) 25 Years of “Domestic Preparedness”

A Journal for the Preparedness Professional

The Domestic Preparedness Journal continues to be a pioneering thought leader in emergency preparedness, response, and recovery. This multidisciplinary editorial helps professionals acquire critical information to develop collaborative, real-world solutions. Whether you prefer reading online or turning the pages of a copy in hand, it has a wealth of information about lessons learned from the past and focuses on helping communities prepare for future disasters. Click for all past issues here.

News & Promotions

2023 NHCPC - Booth 322

A) 2023 NHCPC – Booth 322

National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference

Are you in Vegas for the NHCPC? Visit Booth 322 today (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) in the exhibit hall to see our latest offerings enhancing healthcare coalition preparedness. Dan, our Director of System Design, is there to connect with you and foster a meaningful conversation about advancing your healthcare resilience.

Mobile HICS Station

B) Swift Response, Anywhere

Explore the Versatility of the HICS Station!

Elevate your healthcare facility’s incident response capabilities with the Mobile Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) Station—an innovative and compact unit designed for swift deployment and efficient command and control. This versatile station, equivalent in size to a desk, unfolds into a comprehensive tool featuring a power management system, organizational chart, table, overhead light, laptop stand, map/document grease board, and ample storage. Enhance its capabilities further by integrating the HICS Support Module for an all-encompassing preparedness solution. Ensure your readiness for any location and incident by clicking the provided image/button or contacting VeriCor staff at 608-526-6901 for more information.

Replacing Old Expired Supplies

C) Time Crunch?

Let Our Expert Team Handle On-Site Replenishment

As a seasoned professional in preparedness, you understand the importance of a reliable and resilient system. In light of COVID challenges, it has come to our attention that many Response-Friendly™ preparedness systems face supply shortages. For restocking needs, we offer pre-packaged supplies, complete with location tags and an updated SmartBook™, tailored to make your job easier. Our proficient team of experts is ready to provide comprehensive on-site replenishment services, saving you valuable time and labor. Regardless of the circumstances, we are here to thoroughly assess your system, identify expired items, and suggest appropriate replacements. For a deeper exploration of these offerings, please use the provided image/button or contact our knowledgeable VeriCor staff members at 608-526-6901. Your dedication to public health is genuinely appreciated, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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