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Safely Transport Medical Products

Safely transport medical products

Over 7 years ago VeriCor developed a Cool Cube™ for public health departments to have a safe and reliable means to transport vaccine to off-site locations. Today, the Cool Cube™ line of transport coolers have other cold chain management applications such as:

  • Safe transport of vaccine (fresh & frozen), medicine, FFP, blood products, FFPE, platelets, biospecimens and other temperature-sensitive products.
  • Power outage backup system for the storage and transport of temperature-sensitive products.
  • Preparedness resource to respond with during a pandemic.
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Due to CDC recommendations, data loggers are becoming more important in cold chain management “proof”. VeriCor carries the most popular models made by the best manufacturers in the business…

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Vaccination Supplies Pic
Problems in getting all the supplies together for an off-site clinic? VeriCor Vaccination Systems provide the supplies needed for 500 to 5000-person campaigns as a mobile solution. All that is needed is staff and vaccine…

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