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The Cool Cube™ Family | Disaster Planning & Triage | Workstations on Wheels


The Cool Cube™ FamilyThe Cool Cube™ Family

4 Sizes [03|08|28|96] @ 3 Temps

Designed for transporting vaccines, blood, medicine, varicella, FFP, platelets, biospecimens and other temperature sensitive product from a place of storage to a needed site (regional center, local clinic or for an off-site initiative), these passive, qualified container and pack-out systems ensure an unbroken cold chain for transport/back-up periods of 15 minutes up to 6 days.

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Disaster Planning & TriageA System for MCI Response

“Failure to plan is planning to fail.”

This popular quote by Benjamin Franklin reflects what emergency preparedness is all about…preventing or mitigating disaster. Without adequate planning, equipment and supplies, the most basic response to a disaster will be to simply rescue the victims and transfer them to a hospital facility (“scoop and run” emergency medicine). This will result in the transfer of the problem from the incident site to the hospital, overwhelming and disrupting the care capacity of the health facility. A VeriCor Triage & Treatment System can change that problem.

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Workstations on WheelsOn-the-Go Supply Management

Make a big difference in your EP

Front-line physicians and nurses are used to workstations. So when a disaster happens, why not have a mobile workstation ready to go with supplies? It can be moved between patients. It will optimize workflow and productivity in times of crisis. It will better facilitate patient care. It will greatly enhance the emergency preparedness infrastructure.

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