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An All-in-One Solution for the Cold Chain | The Problem’s Solution | Replenish Used-Old Supplies

An All-in-One Solution for the Cold Chain Hello, medical professionals! Those affected by Hurricane Dorian--our thoughts are with you! Check out Section "A" if you don't know what a Cool Cube™ is yet. Section "B" highlights temperature monitoring devices...if you are looking for a new, easy-to-use data logger. Meanwhile section "C" talks about a service uniquely for Response-Friendly® systems. As always, have Read More
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High-Performance Coolers | Mobile Command & Control | TMDs (Data Loggers)


High-Performance CoolersSimple & EffectiveTemp System: PCM (phase change material)* Optimum temperature stabilization without needing ice, electricity or buffering material.Insulation: VIP (vacuum insulated panels)* Maximum size-to-space ratio to decrease both bulk and weight. Case: fabric or hard-shell (depends on model)* Unique features on the outside of the case enhance the user experience.Mobile Command & ControlHospital Incident Read More

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Cold Chain Management | Simple and Easy to Use Data Loggers | Mobile Workstations

The Impact of Data Loggers

Cold Chain ManagementAre you 100% sure?Managing the cold chain is a big deal. That is why strict parameters regarding cold chain monitoring and logging are in place for 2018. Now, more than ever, loggers supply and record data that prove subpar methods and equipment are being used. If you are not 100% sure about the Read More