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Passive Technology | TMDs Improve the Cold Chain | Organized AND Mobile Supplies


Hello, medical professionals!

Every have the electricity go out and have a bunch of temperature sensitive product to worry about? Check out section “A” for a simple, passive (non-electric) solution. Section “B” is in regards to the growing popularity of DDLs. Section “C” is a simple product for those needing a mobile workspace. As always, have a productive week!

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Passive Technology
Transport System Recommendations

A) Passive Technology

Non-dependent on unsafe ice or the limits of electricity.

Cool Cube™ coolers/transporters are categorized as “passive technology.” They do not need a power source to maintain a temperature; instead they rely on fundamental physics. Basic melting/solidifying principles of PCM coupled with vacuum insulation make these coolers the best choice when looking for long lasting protection of valuable assets (vaccine, blood, medicine, etc.). Learn more by watching this 113-second video.

B) TMDs Improve the Cold Chain

Benefits of DDLs

Failure to monitor/regulate the temperature of a storage unit can be costly and problematic. TMDs (temperature monitoring devices) eliminate this problem. The CDC recommends the use of a specific type of TMD known as a Digital Data Logger (DDL) for continuous temperature monitoring and recording. Besides being more accurate, a DDL streamlines readings (with a programmable logging interval), eliminates constant logging (downloads tell the story), and notifies out-of-range temps (audible and visual alarms). What to look for??? Look for a company with experience (not the new kids on the block), calibration services (support for compliance, traceability, validation, quality, etc.), and solutions that are easy-to-use (clear, simple buttons with a simple download not dependent on a program or dock). Feel free to look around; there are a lot of good products out there. Then come back to us…you won’t be disappointed!

DDL is the TMD that CDC Recommends-featured
Clickable TDM Guide
Nursing Stations on Wheels

C) Organized AND Mobile Supplies

Point-of-care workstations.

Vaccination campaigns (or any mobile medical initiative) can involve more supplies than what providers want to lug around. These point-of-care workstations give mobility to the load and organization to the plan. Stainless steel partitioned drawers provide ample room for supplies, while convenient glove holders in the lid give accessibility to the necessities. Various sizes, colors and features available.

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