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PHEP BP3 Deadline | One Cooler—Multiple Uses | Temperature Data Loggers

PHEP BP3 Deadline

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PHEP BP3 Deadline

A) PHEP BP3 Deadline

June 30, 2022

An important date is just around the corner: June 30, 2022. Order today to receive supplies advancing operational readiness across the 15 preparedness and response capabilities before the deadline. If we can’t get you the product before month end, we can do a pro forma invoice.

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The Cool Cube and Flu Clinics

A) One Cooler—Multiple Uses


Transport – Born out of shipping industry standards, the Cool Cube™ is thoroughly tested and proven over time.
Back-Up – Maintains 2-8°C (or frozen temps) for days without ice or electricity.
Off-Site – Insulation is the best on the planet; superior performance without the bulk.

If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

The Problem's Solution

B) Temperature Data Loggers

For Cold Chain Compliance

The cold chain is about controlling the environment of temperature-sensitive product so that it is in optimal condition when needed. Exposure to any unacceptable condition results in significant problems. That is why the CDC recommends using a specific temperature monitoring device known as a Digital Data Logger (DDL). A DDL continuously monitors the temperature for prevention and records data points for detailed information if excursions happen. VeriCor carries a line of DDLs customers have turned to as simple, affordable solutions.

In-the-Field ER for Hospital Coalitions

C) Mobile Emergency Room

Set up anywhere.

FSTs (Forward Surgical Teams) are small, mobile surgical units in the United States Army. VeriCor revamped the concept into a mobile emergency room system specifically for health care coalition preparedness. It supports advanced levels of care typically needed within the “golden hour” of injury during mass causality incidents. Learn more by either clicking the picture (or button) or calling 608-526-6901 to talk to experienced VeriCor staff today.

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