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PCM vs. “Conditioned” Ice Bottles | Controlling the Temperature | INSTANT QUOTE – get it online!

PCM vs. Conditioned Ice Bottles

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PCM vs. Conditioned Ice Bottles

A) PCM vs. “Conditioned” Ice Bottles

Are ice bottles really safe?

A “conditioned” ice bottle is at 0°C until the ice completely melts. Then it rapidly acclimates to the surrounding environment…neither is ideal for temperature sensitive product. In contrast, specially formulated PCM (phase change material) can hold a customized, dialed-in temperature (e.g., 4.5°C or -20°C) for a great length of time. That’s why the Cool Cube™ is ideal for temperature sensitive product. Watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

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B) Controlling the Temperature

Monitoring and recording accurate information.

The cold chain is about controlling the environment of temperature sensitive product so that it is in optimal condition until needed. Exposure to any inappropriate conditions results in big problems. That is why the CDC recommends the use of a specific type of temperature monitoring device known as a Digital Data Logger (DDL) for continuous temperature monitoring (for prevention) and recording (for detailed information). Check out the DDLs our customers turn to as simple, affordable solutions.

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C) INSTANT QUOTE — get it online!

Easy and quick for those last-minute POs.

Imagine wanting to give a quote to the purchasing department, but you just don’t want to make the call and wait. We understand. Our new “Generate Instant Quote” feature lets you put product(s) into the cart, add an address, and presto an formal PDF quote is emailed. Now that was easy…and you didn’t even need to talk with anyone 😏. Try it today!

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