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Dry ice in my Cool Cube

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Dry ice in my Cool Cube

A) Dry-Ice-Ready!

Cool Cube™ Coolers…ready for action.

The Cool Cube™ line of coolers are dry-ice-ready thanks to its unique Temp-Shield™ Insulation System. Protected with a clear, durable plastic, this vacuum insulated system surrounds the product on all six sides in a trim and lite way that no other cooler can beat. Despite the walls being only 1″ thick, it insulates better than 7″ walls of polystyrene 😮. So, is it suitable for the soon-to-be coveted COVID vaccine? It sure is. Get your Cool Cube™ and the dry ice ready!

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Cool Cube Versatility

A) Make the Switch—PCM Panels Dictate the Temp

A dual-purpose cooler!

Within a minute, any of the Cool Cube™ PCM coolers can be transformed from a fridge temperature (5°C) into a lab freezer temperature (-21°C) with a simple swap of the panel system. So if you have one temperature set already, consider purchasing the other for maximum versatility.

(Note: blue tabs/labels are fridge temps; black tabs/labels are lab freezer temps.)

If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

The Problem's Solution

B) Data Logger Purchasing “Pro-Tip”

Buy a “dual zone” even if you only need one.

Have you ever accidentally broken the temperature probe only to find out that replacement and re-calibration are almost as expensive as the unit itself? You are not the first. That is why we tell a lot of our customers to spend the extra $15 to get the “dual zone” logger even if they only need one probe. In doing so you will have a back-up in case one probe gets broken. With the cost of shipping the unit in for repair + new probe cost + re-calibration + shipping back…$15 is a good insurance investment. And it gives you the option to monitor two zones at once if ever needed.

Have a Mess of Supplies

C) Convert a Mess!

A mess of products can turn into an organized system.

Sometimes emergency preparedness supplies are forgotten. Expired, unorganized, damaged, recalled…any number of things can hinder a response. The Medical Cache Conversion process converts a mess of supplies into a ready-to-respond system that is organized & manageable. Make sure that when a mass causality incident (MCI) happens, your supplies are ready. Call (608) 526-6901 today to speak with a cache conversion specialist.

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