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Cool Cubes™ | Response-Friendly® ACS | Mobile ER System

Cool Cubes™A 2 Min. Video That Changes Things

A 2 Min. Video That Changes Things

No ice! No electricity! No excursions for days!
It’s only a matter of time that this technology will be mandatory when transporting temperature sensitive product (vaccine, blood, medicine). Click to the right to watch the 2-minute video about how Cool Cubes™ work, or click below to learn more about these qualified temperature-controlled coolers.

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Response-Friendly® ACSStorable MCI Response

The Modern-Day Field Hospital

The last MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) unit was deactivated 11 years ago and converted into a Combat Support Hospital (a team member helped with that conversion/training). Not long after (in 2007), VeriCor developed its first ACS system — a fast and efficient mobile medical system specifically for health care preparedness. This innovative concept was refined to be more complete, yet simpler than its MASH/CSH predecessors. Check out what is now known as a Response-Friendly® Alternate Care Site (ACS) System — the gold standard for patient surge preparedness.

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Mobile ER SystemFSTs for the Healthcare System

FSTs for the Healthcare System

FSTs (Forward Surgical Teams) are small, mobile surgical units in the United States Army. With some rethinking and hard work, VeriCor retooled the FST concept into a system for health care emergency preparedness. VeriCor Mobile Emergency Room (ER) Systems support advanced levels of care typically needed within the “golden hour” of injury. Be ready when disaster strikes with this complete, efficient, and simple Response-Friendly® patient surge system.

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