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What size Cool Cube™ is right for your goals? | Hospital Incident Command Station | Care for patients outside the walls!

What size Cool Cube is right for your goals?

Hello, medical professionals!


Cool Cube™ PCM coolers vary in size, so check out Section “A” to see what is right for you. Section “B” is about the mobile incident command station for emergency preparedness. And the last section (“C”) highlights the one-of-a-kind VeriCor alternate care site system used for all kinds of patient surge scenarios. As always, have a productive week!

To help you scan topics faster, here are the sections that may interest you…

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What size Cool Cube is right for your goals?

A) What size is right for your goals?

4 sizes to choose from.

Cool Cube™ PCM coolers come in four sizes…the “03” is great for minimal product; the “08” holds as much as you will want to carry on a shoulder; the “28” wheels around for those large initiatives; and the “96” can be the backup for a whole refrigerator. But whatever size(s) you need, all have the same PCM system (for safe temperatures) and insulation system (for long hold times). Watch this short 2-minute video to see the simplicity and dependability of the Cool Cube™.

B) Hospital Incident Command Station

A mobile HICS station ready for command & control!

In storage it is out of the way and takes up the space of a desk. But deploy this station anywhere to establish command and control. The front cover unclips and transforms into a table (an additional work surface). The top lid rotates up to reveal your HICS org chart and overhead light. A laptop stand rises above the inlay map/document grease board work surface to keep the technology out of the way but accessible. And having both drawers and shelves enables you to organize it the way you want. Pair it with the HICS Support Module (or your own kit) and be ready to respond anytime, anywhere.

From storage to an on-site HICS station in an instant
Alternate Care Site System

C) Care for patients outside the walls!

Set up an alternate care site system anywhere.

Every once in a while a healthcare facility needs to expand outside of its walls. This is when an alternate care site gets deployed…maybe into a gym, maybe a superdome. If your emergency preparedness (EP) plan requires such readiness, make sure supplies and equipment are up-to-date, compatible, and mobile. A VeriCor Alternate Care Site System enables you to choose the care functions you want, to then supply you with the equipment and supplies you need. The Response-Friendly® approach ensures an efficient location and setup of resources while making management and upkeep easy. Curious? Learn more by clicking the picture or button, or call 866-469-6019 and talk to an experienced staff member today.

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