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Back Order Items | A CDC Toolkit | HICS Station

Back Order Items

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Back Order Items

A) Back Order Items

Working extra hard to get you the coolers you need.

The unprecedented surge of COVID-19 orders has resulted in numerous Cool Cube™ models being in a back order status. We are diligently working with the suppliers of Cool Cube™ parts to get the shipping time back to normal (typically 1-2 days). Stay safe and thank you for your patience!

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A CDC Toolkit Qualified Container & Packout

A) A CDC Toolkit “Qualified Container & Packout”

For fridge, freezer, or room temp backup/transport.

Easy to use phase change material (PCM) panels maintain contents at the desired temperature for an extended period of time. Smaller qualified coolers last 3+ days. Larger qualified coolers last 5+ days. This peace-of-mind is valuable for transport, backup and off-site use. Each of the four sizes of coolers can maintain a refrigerated, frozen, or controlled room temperature dependent upon the PCM panel system you use. If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

Mobile HICS Station

B) Hospital Incident Command System Station

A compact, mobile workstation for command & control.

Establish command and control with a mobile HICS (Hospital Incident Command System) case. During storage, it can be out of the way and take up the space of a desk. But during deployment, it can transform into a serious multi-tool with a power management system, table, organizational chart, overhead light, laptop stand, inlay map/document grease board, and numerous drawers and shelves to enable supply organization. Pair it with the HICS Support Module (or your own kit) and be ready to respond anytime, anywhere.

Casing for Preparedness Supplies

C) Preparedness Equipment/Supply Cases

For protecting and mobilizing valuable assets.

When responding personnel go into the field, it is essential that medical supplies are safe, organized and ready for use. From the compact Upright Medical Organizer (MC-UMO) to the rolling Mobile Charging Station (MC-MCS), checkout VeriCor’s wide array of options. Customization available.

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