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Dry ice in my Cool Cube™ | Ability To Do Dual Temps | 96-Hour ACS

Dry ice in my Cool Cube

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Dry ice in my Cool Cube

A) Can I use dry ice in my Cool Cube™?

The question everyone is asking…

As it gets nearer to the release of a COVID vaccine, we are getting the dry ice question a lot. The answer is a simple: Yes. The Cool Cube™ will be an excellent cooler for transporting frozen vaccine and dry ice (with whatever panels you use). The dry ice will maintain the cooler, and its contents, at a cool -109.3°F/-78.5°C until it goes through a sublimation process (going directly from a solid into a gaseous form). Once the dry ice is gone, the cooler will then warm up to whatever panels you have in it (refrigerator or lab freezer temp) where it will plateau once again and stay cool that temperature (-20°C for lab freezer or 5°C for refrigerator) until the phase change material (PCM) is melted. Just make sure to follow safe handling procedures for the safe storage, usage, and handling of dry ice.

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Contingency Plan Coolers

A) Four Sizes with the Ability To Do Dual Temps

03 – 08 – 28 -96

The Cool Cube™ numbering system follows suit with the number of liters of pack-out space there is available. The Cool Cube™ 03 is an easy tote to throw over your shoulder. The 08 is a bit larger, but not too much to carry, The Cool Cube™ 28 enters into the “towable” department with wheels and a flip-out pull handle. The 96 is the largest of the Cool Cubes™ and can handle a refrigerator (or freezer) worth of product; again on wheels. And with a quick swap of the panels, every Cool Cube™ can go from holding refrigerator temps to lab freezer temps in an instant.

If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

ACS Preparedness

B) 25-Bed, 96-Hour ACS

A system built to expand your care!

To expand treatment outside hospital walls, you will need the right supplies and equipment on hand. VeriCor Alternate Care Site Systems already have that covered. You pick the type of treatment and a system is built to your specs that is ready for deployment. The Response-Friendly® philosophy ensures your patients will get care quickly. Learn more by either clicking the picture or button, or calling 608-526-6901 and talking to an experienced staff member today.

In-the-Field ER for Hospital Coalitions

C) 6-Bed, 96-Hour Mobile ER

For emergency preparedness professionals.

FSTs (Forward Surgical Teams) are small, mobile surgical units in the United States Army. VeriCor revamped the concept into a mobile emergency room system specifically for health care coalition emergency preparedness. It supports advanced levels of care typically needed within the “golden hour” of injury during mass causality incidents. Learn more by either clicking the picture or button, or calling 608-526-6901 and talking to an experienced staff member today.

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