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Veterans Affairs Disaster Preparedness

VeriCor works with many of the largest VAMCs and VISNs around the country.

VeriCor’s Response-Friendly™ products will help you during that next patient surge. In the wake of a disaster or any large-scale incident, VeriCor Response-Friendly™ Patient Surge Systems (ACS & ER) provide the medical and non-medical equipment and supplies, to quickly and efficiently treat patients and protect staff. Currently, our Response-Friendly™ Systems are being exercised at some of the largest VAs in the country. However, we’ve also collaborated with some of you to develop individual products specific to meet the needs of the VA in general. So whether it is a full blown system you want or a simple case to organize your assets, we will help.

Here are a few easy way to expand your VA’s Emergency Preparedness:

Upright Medical Orgaizer (UMO)

The Upright Medical Organizer (UMO) is the ultimate in medical supply organization. The UMO’s roll up design is easy to transport, simple to deploy, and the see through pockets allow medical personel to quickly and easily identify vital medical supplies.


MedKits give the ability to rapidly expand medical care capacity. MedKits are organized in an Upright Medical Organizer (UMO) and each UMO is designed to facilitate specific care functions. Features include: light weight rollup design, see-through zippered pockets, deploy within a minute. The UMO is also available a la carte under “Organizers.”

Mobile Incident Command Center (MICC)

The Mobile Incident Command Center is ideal for setting up a base of command in remote locations. Features include: stainless steel drawers and shelves, phone and internet ports, electrical outlets built into shelves, laptop stand, dry erase and grease boards, locking wheels and hinges.

Litter Equipment Organizer (LEO)

The Litter Equipment Organizer holds litters, stands, straps, pads and bulk supplies for easy storage and deployment. Features include: heavy duty metal construction, locking wheels, handles on each side for steering, see-through design.

Patient Surge Systems

VeriCor offers a complete line of Alternate Care Sites (ACS) and Mobile ER Units.

ACS Systems are 25-bed mobile units capable of continuous operation for 96+ hours.

  • Multi‐functional: surge capacity relief, disaster preparedness, international aid,    mass evacuation, etc.

ER Systems are 6-bed mobile units capable of sustained operation for 96+ hours.

  • Advanced levels of care in a mobile system
  • Increase emergency room capacity in “surge” situations