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Travel with Confidence Through TSA | Three Words to describe the Cool Cube™ | Elevate Your Emergency Response

Travel with Confidence Through TSA

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Travel with Confidence Through TSA

A) Travel with Confidence Through TSA

Your Prescription for Perfectly Chilled Travel

Users are consistently amazed by the reliable temperature control of the Cool Cube™, and that’s one of the reasons they’ve become such a boon for long-haul journeys. Whether it’s for medications, vaccines, or other temperature-sensitive goodies, these Cool Cube™ PCM coolers maintain a steady 5°C/41°F for refrigerated items and a brisk -20°C/-4°F for frozen ones, all for a good three days or more. And the best part? There is no need for the messy, overly cold ice or troublesome electricity.

Now, rest assured that those worried about the whole Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening ordeal are perfectly fine with it. You can even find their official stance on their website. But to ease your mind a bit more, VeriCor recommends carrying a printout of one of the TSA travel documents: refrigerator, lab freezer, or room temp panels. Although they say it’s not strictly necessary, better safe than sorry!

Want more? Go to WHO’s website to see more advice for COVID-19 including when and how to use masks, Q&A videos, parenting advice and more. (Click here for the World Health Organization Website)

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A) Three Words…

…to describe the Cool Cube™.

  1. Easy – Patented panels simplify pack-out.
  2. Fast – No layers or buffering material needed.
  3. Safe – Traditional ice (too cold) is not used.

If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

MCI Triage & Treatment System

B) Elevate Your Emergency Response

VeriCor’s Triage System Redefines Preparedness

VeriCor’s Hospital Triage and Treatment System represents a sophisticated and mobile healthcare solution meticulously designed to tackle the intricate demands presented by mass casualty incidents. Renowned for its user-friendly interface, low maintenance requirements, and remarkable adaptability, this system serves as a catalyst, enabling healthcare networks to extend patient care capabilities well beyond the confines of traditional healthcare facilities. Opting to invest in this cutting-edge solution empowers healthcare providers to significantly elevate their emergency response capacities, thereby guaranteeing the highest possible standard of patient care during critical exigencies.

Click on the image/button for more information. Alternatively, feel free to contact our seasoned VeriCor team at 608-526-6901 for an enlightening conversation regarding this indispensable resource. Our unwavering commitment is to furnish you with the requisite information and support for making judicious decisions about your healthcare preparedness.

Are you ready for a surge of burn patients

C) Stay Prepared for Burn Emergencies

The Ultimate Burn Care Solution!

To ensure adequate preparation for the debridement and dressing of burn patients, it is imperative to procure the requisite supplies in the form of the Burn Care MedKit, a specialized kit tailored for managing multiple burn patients. This kit is thoughtfully organized within the advanced Upright Medical Organizer (MC-UMO) for enhanced operational efficiency. With its transparent pockets, ergonomic stand for rapid deployment, and meticulously designed product management SmartBook™, the Burn Care MedKit has garnered favor among Emergency Preparedness (EP) organizers and responders alike. For further information regarding this comprehensive solution, click on the provided image or button or contact a knowledgeable VeriCor staff member today at 608-526-6901.

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