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The History of the Cool Cube™ | On-Site Triage and Treatment | Training on a VeriCor EP System


Hello, medical professionals!

Ever wonder how long the Cool Cube™ has been around. Let us assure you…it’s been tested — Section “A” lays that out. The next section showcases the Hospital Triage and Treatment System that is becoming more and more popular, while the last section highlights the training service we offer on Response-Friendly® systems. As always, have a productive week!

To help you scan topics faster, here are the sections that may interest you…

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A) The History of the Cool Cube™

10 years and we are just getting started!

In late 2009 customers were asking about coolers for vaccine transport. They were using off-the-shelf coolers with ice packs and found it to be a pain to pack-out and not that reliable (a lot of times the temp was going to low). Since VeriCor was supplying public health with lots of other products, could we help them out? Sure thing! By the spring of 2010 the first model (called the “Vaccine Transporter”) was being used by a Wisconsin health department for off-site vaccination clinics…and they loved it! It integrated phase change material (PCM) for safety and vacuum insulated panels for consistency. Today, the Cool Cube™ product line consists of four sizes of coolers capable of handling three different temperature configurations (fridge, freezer and controlled room temps). If you haven’t already, watch this short video to see the safety and simplicity of the Cool Cube™!

B) On-Site Triage and Treatment

A system built for MCIs.

Mass casualty incidences (MCIs) can overwhelm and disrupt a healthcare system – thus the need for emergency preparedness. VeriCor, the emergency preparedness experts, make a triage and treatment system that is ready to deploy on a moment’s notice. This intuitive, color-coordinated, mobile system of supplies provides secondary triage and definitive treatment for a surge of 100 patients. Managers like it because it’s easy to maintain. Responders like it because it can deploy anywhere with the right supplies in the right place. Click to learn more and then give us a call to talk about how this wonderful system can help you! (866-469-6019)

Manage Casualties On-Site
Response-Friendly® System Training

C) Training on a VeriCor EP System

Exercise staff, supplies, and the plan!

You already know that having a Response-Friendly® System is very intuitive and well put-together. Nevertheless, if your EM team is in need of training this year, but time and resources are scarce, give us a call. Our staff can give your team a quick rundown on how to maximize the system, alleviating the typical stress and planning time involved with such exercises. From basic how-to management to full-out MCI scenarios, pick the package that ensures you and your staff are ready to respond.

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