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Supply Replenishment | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Clinic Workstations

A Requirement of Preparedness

Supply ReplenishmentA Requirement of Preparedness

Replace Expired Product Easily

Supply replenishment and supply management (inventory control) of earmarked preparedness product can be daunting. Is equipment recalled? Are supplies expired? If you have a Response-Friendly® System, use the SmartBook™ inventory file and sort by “Expiration Date” to make sure that your product is up-to-date. Don’t have time? We understand. That’s why we have replenishment packages that range from label-and-ship to on-site service.

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Cool Cube™ FAQThe Cool Cube™ Story

A Question From Your Colleagues

Question: How long has the Cool Cube™ been around?

Answer: During the ’09 fall flu clinic season, a few VeriCor customers asked if we sold coolers for vaccine transport. No we did not…but it peaked our interest. The trouble was, we couldn’t find anything that was reliable AND easy. So by the spring of 2010 the first solution (called the “Vaccine Transporter”) was shipped out to a health department 100 miles north of VeriCor to use for off-site vaccination clinics. They loved it! Today, the Cool Cube™ product line consists of four sizes of coolers capable of handling three different temperature configurations (fridge, freezer and controlled room temps). Thousands of units are in use globally today. If a reliable, safe, and easy temperature regulating system is what you need for your product, ask colleagues their thoughts on it. Need help finding someone in your area that has one? Ask us and we may be able to point you to a local user.

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Clinic WorkstationsWorkstations on Wheels

Mobilize Essential Supplies

Vaccination campaigns, or any mobile medical initiative, can involve more supplies than what providers want to lug around. VeriCor workstations give easy mobility to the load (bulky/heavy supplies) and organization to the plan in order to support a variety of needs.

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