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Response-Friendly® Medical Products and Systems

Best in Mobile Vaccination Kits and WorkstationsBest in Mobile VaccinationBest in Mobile Vaccination Kits and Workstations Kits & Workstations VeriCor has three sizes of vaccination kits: 500, 2500, & 5000-person. These easy-to-store, simple-to-move, “just add staff and vaccine” kits can be used for seasonal off-site clinics or stored for large-scale pandemics. Already have the supplies but like our setup? Buy a workstation to fit your needs (various sizes and configurations available). Learn More
Revamp a Surge SystemRevamp a Surge System Convert Replenish or Re-Build Convert, Replenish, or Re-Build During an emergency, having critical equipment and supplies available and ready to dispense rapidly can mean the difference between life and death. Are your supplies in a heap and/or disorganized? That’s what VeriCor’s Cache Conversion if for. Does your system have supplies that are expired or no longer usable? That’s what our Replenishment packages are for. Want to re-build the whole patient surge system? Check out VeriCor’s Triage & Treatment, Alternate Care Site, and Mobile Emergency Room Modules. Learn More
It’s a Cool Cube™It's a Cool Cube™ Oops We Are Human Oops! We are human.  A couple weeks ago we released the new Cool Cube™ video — except it was the wrong one. We’ve now corrected the problem and have posted on our site, and YouTube, the real video. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and we hope that you will watch it again to see how slick the Cool Cube™ really is. Learn More
VeriCor Customer ServiceHi there! Below is our contact information. Please contact us for questions that arise, a quote you may need, or ideas you want to discuss. We look forward to speaking with you! ~The VeriCor Team | (866) 469-6019 | Holmen, Wisconsin USA Join the VeriCor Email List
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