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Preparedness Summit 2016​

Preparedness Summit 2016 - VeriCor-Medical-Systems
  • Enter to win an Amazon gift card (bring a business card or fill out a form).
  • Demo a Cool Cube™ 100 vaccine transport cooler.
  • See the Upright Medical Organizer (UMO) with supplies.
  • Talk with James about EP.
Preparedness Summit Info

VeriCor Products

for Vaccination Clinics

Vaccination-Clinic-Products-by-VeriCor-Medical-System From vaccine Cool Cubes™, to mobile workstations, to complete vaccination systems, VeriCor has you covered. Our systems and products make off-site vaccination clinics safe and easy. catalog image VeriCor The catalog provides a brief overview of VeriCor systems, products and services. The catalog is available in print and digital form. VeriCor-Products-Available-at-Amazon-button Find our products on team VeriCor with V VeriCor’s Team is ready to assist you on questions, suggestions, needs and quotes. (866) 469-6019 (toll-free)